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The service that puts you in full investment control with access to advice when needed

You no longer have to be constrained by ‘product providers’ when making investment decisions. If you are looking to the future, and wanting a sensible long-term Investment Portfolio Management Service that addresses all your needs including capital growth and\or income asset allocation, medium to retirement timescales, tax planning and mitigation then this service has been created with you in mind.

We research and recommend asset management skills that will meet your needs; you will no longer have to buy limited choice "products" and accept poor administrative support

When it comes to handling applications, purchases and subsequent sales, statements and switches, we deal with all the paperwork

  • In order simply to track your assets you might have to collate information from any number of different unit trust managers, ISA managers, PEP managers, insurance companies, and pension providers – not any more.
  • Maintaining an appropriate asset allocation, and spread of investments between investment types will be arranged for you.
  • Impartial performance statistics will be available to you immediately enabling you to monitor investment performance easily.

By using the MRA\Transact management platform we can provide a solution to these past problems, and enable you to see who is doing what job for you, how well they are doing it, and at what cost. – you will have clarity of information

How MRA\Transact Works

Put in the simplest terms, MRA\Transact provides one-stop investing. Rather than dealing with many different products and providers, you can now make all purchases by ordering them through MRA\Transact. This gives us the ability to provide you with a single portfolio report of your assets and gives you and your fellow MRA\Transact users pooled purchasing power discounts. The process works like this:

  1. We determine your needs with you from a purely financial planning perspective.
  2. We allocate assets to meet your needs and personal preferences.
  3. We choose the best tax "wrapper" (pension, ISA, direct etc.) for each asset.
  4. We choose the best fund manager for each asset.
  5. We allocate these investments to different "tax wrappers" (a pension or an ISA for example).
  6. You invest into your client money account, and with your authorisation, we purchase assets on your behalf. Or you can purchase assets personally if you wish.
  7. We buy the investments, allocate them to your tax wrappers, and keep the records.
  8. Advisory fees for our services are paid with your authority direct from your MRA\Transact account; no payments are made to us by product providers.

In effect, this arrangement converts a huge amount of paperwork into a single simple operation. And, as your portfolio continues, its value can be accessed on line with real time valuations - and your ongoing portfolio management needs are executed, recorded, and reported on effectively on one statement.

Until now you have had to put up with large institution multi choice telephone irritation systems that leave you holding on, wasting your time and often giving you wrong answers - not any more!

With the answers to these 3 questions you can make better decisions

1. How are my investments performing in comparison to others?

2. How tax efficient are my investments?

3. Am I invested in the right funds?

The following diagram demonstrates the current system.

MRA\Transact In Pictures

Move away from this complexity:

MRA-Transact In Pictures

 To this simplicity

MRA-Transact In Pictures1

   The Benefits in Brief


The investment process is based on your needs rather than just the investments available from single product providers. – Now you have extensive choice


Risk profile analysis – by quantifying your risk tolerance your investment results might match your expectations


One-stop investing provides for comprehensive management


One-stop investing provides better analysis and reporting


One-stop investing provides instant valuations


One-stop investing provides full transaction histories – on demand


One-stop investing provides immediate asset reallocation facilities with discounts


Access to your portfolio information is instantly available on-line


Clearly understood and detailed management fee terms


Testimonial;Easy to use, accurate information, well presented, very professional, I’m very pleased. AH of London

This document provides generic outline information. Before you decide the service meets your needs you will be provided with full key features documentation, and the answer to any questions you have. The service described in this document is generally only available for distribution to the public in the UK. The service can be provided should you work abroad and have UK registered assets. This information is only a summary and may be subject to change without notice.

See a demonstration of our Investment Advisory Service features

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